Alliums, a Latin word for garlic, are monocotyledon flowering plants, like onions, garlic, leeks, chives, shallots, scallions and leek. The allium family contains sulfuric compounds, which makes it pungent. These important culinary herbs add delicate flavor and pungency to the dish. But not only that, these are important source of vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory quercetin, anti-lipidemic saponins, and antihypertensive allyl sulfides. No wonder it is included in the list of Superfoods! 

In ancient Egypt, garlic was prized more than gold. And today in China, businessmen invest more in garlic than in gold and silver. Moreover, an old story about an onion cut in half, left in a windowsill, saved a family during a flu epidemic in1919 that had taken many people’s lives. The doctor who visited the family, to his amazement explored their house of what could possibly protect them from the virus. His focus turned into the onion that the mother usually leaves by their window. He examined the onion under a microscope, and found many viruses and bacteria trapped therein.

There are many potent mixtures of garlic and onions to help prevent flu and to strengthen the immune system. But one that is really powerful is the Rocket Fuel of Dr. Agatha Thrash. It is a great natural antibiotic and anti-viral concoction.

Rocket Fuel

  • ½ cup lemon juice
  • 4-5 garlic cloves
  • ¼ onion, medium size
  • 2 to 3 inch ginger
  • 3-4 tablespoons of honey
  • a pinch of cayenne
  • ¾ cups of water

Process well all the ingredients in a blender. Drink a cup to ward off microorganisms and boost your immunity! If storing it, leave it in a glass container (because it will burn the plastic), and drink it as soon as you can.

Myrtle Pettit is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist. She finished her Masters in Public Health with a concentration in Nutrition at Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA. Furthermore, her drive to combine theory and practice led her to Living Light Culinary Institute, Fort Bragg, CA, to be certified as a Raw Food Chef and Instructor. She also holds a Master Food Preserver from Cornell University. Myrtle offers one on one consultation, provides health lectures, seminars, and healthy cooking classes to promote a healthier lifestyle. She’s very supportive of her students’ journey to health in every stage.