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Health is a matter of choice. But in today’s society bombarded with choices,

one has to be thoroughly informed. Our blog aims to give you the information you need to make that informed decision, to plant, cook, eat and live healthy.

Hidden Acre Flower Salad

In our walk in life, there are people that we meet that are passing strangers, others are good acquaintances, while others lead to friendships. It is when you find that connection to another human being that mirrors your soul that even from the beginning a bond of...

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The Alliums

Alliums, a Latin word for garlic, are monocotyledon flowering plants, like onions, garlic, leeks, chives, shallots, scallions and leek. The allium family contains sulfuric compounds, which makes it pungent. These important culinary herbs add delicate flavor and...

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Blood Purifier

Detox clinics are in a boom, because many people are in need of a good ol’ cleanse. And detoxification specialists uses chelation therapy to remove heavy metals effectively and immediately from the body. But we have a simple recipe...    1 whole beet 2...

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Since Sliced Bread

Once upon a time, bread making was a time-consuming and intricate art form, involving small-batch capacity clay ovens and stone ground flour made from family grown grains. As hungry mouths gathered to partake in the satisfaction of a hard day’s work and a...

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