In our walk in life, there are people that we meet that are passing strangers, others are good acquaintances, while others lead to friendships. It is when you find that connection to another human being that mirrors your soul that even from the beginning a bond of friendship is forged. That’s how I felt when I met Melissa Philips, owner of Hidden Acre Farm. She has such a lovely personality and a sexy English accent. She sells edible bouquets, edible flowers, salad mix and microgreens. 

And so I had a cool idea of making my first very own flower salad, which I named after Melissa’s farm.


Hidden Acre Flower Salad

3 cups of Salad Mix, chopped

a few microgreens on top or watercress

a few edible flowers

1. Arrange the salad mix on the plate. Add the microgreens or watercress.

2. Top it with edible flowers. Feast with your eyes before you eat it with your favorite dressing.

As my husband said, it’s quite weird to eat the flowers. It definitely has a mild watercress taste with a hint of mint and notes of sweetness. I sent Melissa a couple of pictures and she replied, “Wow, that looks amazing! The best I’ve ever seen them look”.  She invited me to visit her farm. Hopefully, we’ll be able to do that this week. And perhaps plan for a Farm-To-Table Dinner for limited seats only, before summer ends.

What a wonderful acquaintance from farmer’s market to farm!

Myrtle Pettit is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist. She finished her Masters in Public Health with a concentration in Nutrition at Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA. Furthermore, her drive to combine theory and practice led her to Living Light Culinary Institute, Fort Bragg, CA, to be certified as a Raw Food Chef and Instructor. She also holds a Master Food Preserver from Cornell University. Myrtle offers one on one consultation, provides health lectures, seminars, and healthy cooking classes to promote a healthier lifestyle. She’s very supportive of her students’ journey to health in every stage.