Kitch’n Gardens at the Goshen Farmers’ Market

Kitch’n Gardens at the Goshen Farmers’ Market

Living in the Mid-Hudson Valley gives you the best of both worlds, a serene country setting, and a work-life balance. And that privilege comes with exciting adventures to those who dare and create impact. We are so happy to share to you our collaboration with the Goshen Chamber of Commerce, connecting people since 1985.

It’s always an experience to savor and enjoy when working with and in the community. And we have done various activities with them. We did our first ever Facebook Live, get published at the local newspaper Goshen Indy with our Goshen Summer Salad and Main St. Dressing, joined the Goshen Chamber Round Table and Networking Breakfast with Amy’s Kitchen. That is all because of the brilliant and vibrant Executive Director of the Goshen Chamber of Commerce, Barbara Martinez. 

It was a perfect match, a match made in heaven. We had an interview with her a few weeks ago on having a booth at the well-awarded and well-visited Goshen Farmers’ Market. The deadline for accepting applications already ended in February. Yet we still inquired with a spark of hope in our hearts. And we received a positive message from them. We explored the potentials and possibilities with Ms. Martinez. We are just so thrilled how our plans ali

And so, here’s a sneak peak to the first recipe we’ve done together, as published to the very supportive sponsor, the Goshen Independence.

The Goshen Farmers’ Market was awarded last year by the Reader’s Choice Award as the #1 Farmers’ Market in Hudson Valley, managed by the Market Manager, Diana Lupinski. Come and visit us at the Goshen Farmers’ Market 10 am – 5 pm on Main St. this coming Friday. And here’s the rest of our schedule:


July 19 & 26

August 9 & 23

September 6 & 20

October 4 & 18

Have a Farm-To-Table experience with Goshen Farmer’s Market and with our Plant-Based Recipes. And if you need more support, Myrtle Pettit is doing her nutrition consultation at the Goshen Co Lab, 45 St John St, Goshen, NY 10924. Call for more information at 845 391-3050.

Myrtle Pettit is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist. She finished her Masters in Public Health with a concentration in Nutrition at Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA. Furthermore, her drive to combine theory and practice led her to Living Light Culinary Institute, Fort Bragg, CA, to be certified as a Raw Food Chef and Instructor. She also holds a Master Food Preserver from Cornell University. Myrtle offers one on one consultation, provides health lectures, seminars, and healthy cooking classes to promote a healthier lifestyle. She’s very supportive of her students’ journey to health in every stage.