Hello and welcome to Kitch’n Gardens!

Let me walk you through… It all started with a concept of capturing health, food, canning and gardening in one. Food and sustainability are crucial issues that impact nations’ health and wellbeing. And from all walks of life, culture and tradition, food is an integral part of one’s existence and survival. Even celebrations are centered on food, family gatherings from weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, to baptisms, graduations and holidays. Thus it becomes more personal, such that it leaves us longing for our comfort food, relative to our emotional experience.

“What we eat is what we are!”. Farm-to-table experience makes people more conscious about what they eat, thereby bearing compassion, gratitude, and openhandedness. Food becomes a principle of giving, planting to grow abundantly, and sharing it to plant little seeds of kindness. Hence, food becomes even more satisfying.

From here on, diverse topics will be posted, from growing food to cooking healthy, vegan and raw recipes to canning and preservation. Hope this will help you on your journey.


Wishing you best in your health and happiness!