Myrtle Pettit of Kitch’n Gardens is partnering with Barbara O’Neill of Misty Mountain Health Retreat, to provide health e-courses to a wider audience with a global reach. The team-up is set to deliver health and wellness through education, set in the dynamic platform of e-learning, which can be accessed anytime, anywhere. 


Self Heal By Design is the flagship product that features a series of e-courses that are timely and relevant to many health issues that people are suffering today. It pays to be informed and be well-educated in terms of health and wellbeing, as it brings necessary reform and creates intelligent choices. 

Cause should be ascertained, for when the laws of health are violated, it often is preceded by the effect. But we have amazing bodies, and given the right conditions, it has the natural ability to heal itself.   



Myrtle Pettit, MPH,CCN

Clinical Nutritionist, Lifestyle Educator, Raw Food Chef, and Educator Entrepreneur

Barbara O'Neill

Health Director at Misty Mountain Health Retreat, World-renowned Lecturer, Naturopath, Nutritionist and Author. Visit: